10 Steps For Building A Content Marketing Strategy

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“If you were interested in buying a car 15 years ago, you most probably walked into a dealership to learn about the car from the sales person, get a few brochures and take a test drive. Today you probably visit a few car review sites, like Edmunds.com or MSN Autos, check safety and reliability ratings, look at resale value in KBB.com, and then ask a few friends on Facebook. B2B customers today use an average of 7.6 sources through the purchase funnel according to Peter Burris from Forrester. (how’s that for an attribution challenge)

In short, customers are more informed, they find information on their own and they mainly use the internet for research. By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, customers hate marketing, they don’t trust the emails we send or the marketingspeak we write on brochures and other materials.

We have evolved from living in an information economy where knowledge is power to time where information is a commodity. Arguably, Starbucks and the iPhone started the experience economy where UX and UI is power. But that even is giving way to a relationship economy where trust is power. Trust in your values, your ethics, your skills and experience, your ability to deliver, your track record.” More>>>

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