17 Useful Marketing Tips for 2012, Online, Offline and Beyond

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1. Ask yourself WHY. Always question why you are doing something. What’s the end game? Figure that out first and then work backwards to make it happen.

2. Be yourself. People do business with people. Be who you are. Drop the marketing speak. (Think Siobhan Williams, TwentyTwelve, Perfect Curve – [chuckle]). If the reader believes you have empathy with their situation – they are far more likely to find you engaging – and therefore, engage.
3. Listen. Listening is very powerful, we have two ears, two eyes and just one mouth. We should use them accordingly. Online and offline. Listen in to what your potential client is looking to achieve, listen in to what’s being said about your product or services online, listen in – analyse and learn. Seems simple enough – but most organisations talk way too much – and don’t listen enough.” 14 More>>>

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