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“The Social Window….

If you ran a business and had a veritable window into people’s souls, especially those who you wanted to do business with, would you ignore it?

B2B Marketers – You’ll really feel the love if you go beyond simply marketing on social media and statrt lsitening to it.

Not if you wanted your business to succeed, yet that’s exactly what appears to be standard operating procedure for many of the country’s execs operating in the B2B space.

The tool? Social media, and according to the 2012 Harris Interactive 2012 Zeno Digital Readiness Survey, that’s precisely how a large minority of B2B decision makers use social media…. or don’t use it, if the survey is an accurate reflection of their behavior.

The survey discovered that while a majority of execs do take social media into account when making their business decisions, it’s a much smaller percentage than the number many people would guess, given the importance social media occupies in society today. Moreover, the percentage that never make a move without consulting their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest oracle is but 21%.” More>>>

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