3 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Increase ROI

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“Social media marketing had a dismal showing over this year’s thanksgiving weekend – achieving less than 1% of total sales.

The ROI (Return On Investment) figures for eCommerce businesses from Black Friday to Cyber Monday are an indication of how poorly business understands social media and social media marketing.

In my previous article on social media marketing, entitled The social media marketing honeymoon is over, I talked about how businesses need to re-assess how to use social media, and re-align their strategy accordingly.

In that article, I suggested that business tends to view social media as the connection with customers and consumers, when, in fact, social media is simply another tool.

Taking the view that social media engagement is simply one link in the marketing chain, led to new questions. In particular, “How does business capitalize on its social media marketing successes to drive real growth, sales and conversions?”

This article provides a direct follow on by offering 3 marketing strategies that I recommend businesses put in place, in order to start converting their social media marketing efforts into revenue.” More>>>

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