3 Top Myths about Video Marketing

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With all forms of marketing you’re going to have misnomers associated with them and obstacles that, as a marketer, you must overcome in order to gain new clients and grow your business. Myths about video marketing are no different than any other form of offline or online marketing. But, before we get into the myths surrounding video marketing we should lay a groundwork on why it’s important to incorporate into your marketing strategy. Did you know that Cisco predicts that within 3 years 90% of web traffic will be video? Currently video accounts for roughly 60% of web trafic; still a very impressive number. Forrester Research has also found that a properly optimized video is 53 times more likely to produce a page one ranking on Google.

With this being said it’s easy to see why more companies are trending towards video.

There are several myths about how to market your company with video but I’ve broken it down into the top three. Let’s get into the top three and uncover the truth behind each.” More>>>

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