4 Tips To Take The Frustration Out of B2B Social Media Marketing

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“The way we marketers most often use social media (brand awareness, community building) lacks quantifiable metrics. You may believe you’re generating quality leads using social media – through Twitter conversations, posting entertaining photos on Google+ or generating likes on Facebook, but as I tell my kids, believing something doesn’t necessarily make it true. You have to measure it. And re-tweets or likes are not measures of quality leads or sales.

In the same way that we measure traditional email marketing, by conversions, not opens or clicks, the clearest evidence your social media activity is benefiting your business is to share content that results in conversions on your website. Blogs, press releases, webinars and whitepapers that you can share on social media, provide measurable response opportunities that create the data you need to prove your success or demonstrate areas for improvement required to achieve your goals. What you can measure, you can improve.” More>>>

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