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Last week I mused about the horrendous work experiences I have had at the hands of ‘flash in the pan’ successful business people, now as I have had intensive regression therapy this week I am able to move forward more positively! Thank you , by the way , for the messages of support , frightening to realise that there are so many others who have similar experiences blighting their memories as well.

Well , to the point of this weeks ideas….. at the end of the piece last week I posted an interesting video interview with Sony’s top man talking about his vision for cross platform digital access in the entertainment environment. I asked whether you thought the interviewer was stuck in a rut or whether it was the Sony supremo. Not surprisingly , thoughts were fairly equally polarised on that but some further points were raised. One such idea was this, with Sony seemingly hell-bent on dominating the physical environment we use to access media should we be worried by that thought process or should we fight to preserve a rich tapestry of choice for both physical and content providers?

As I was pondering this and trying to rationalise the sheer magnitude of their idea , let alone the cost, I happened to come across this picture in the Daily Mail newspaper in the UK.

Amazingly , at Busch Gardens in Florida people can now play tug of war with a tiger……. brilliant! Now why didn’t anybody think of that before? Can’t imagine how many ‘hindsight specialists’ will crawl out of the woodwork when the tiger pulls so hard it drags someone through the fence and eats them!!!!!

“Wouldn’t happen , Patrick” you shout, ” look at all the safeguards they have in place, there are too many checks and balances….”

Well ‘yes’ I agree except when ever did we, as a species know when to stop chancing our luck and defying the odds? Lets think shall we….. ? Not to be political , because I am not but what about the banks? How this one got past the health and safety inspections I don’t know, when I posted the article on Twitter my comment was ‘ How long before the lawyers get in on this action? It will all end in tears!!!!’ ( Twitter: preade65 )

So what’s the deal here , does Sony provide the sound system for the enclosure? No , I just happen to think that the Sony idea to control and provide as much of the content and physical delivery systems in digital entertainment as possible is fundamentally flawed. It is flawed because it is precariously balanced upon the erroneous premise that they know best , can innovate better and deliver in the ways we want when in fact they are ‘taking a punt’ into the unknown. How anybody could keep pressing ahead with this plan is beyond me…..its a bit like someone deciding that nothing significant will happen in the field before they can determine whether they like it or not.

Fact is that they do not have the monopoly on entertainment or its delivery…now don’t misunderstand me here , Sony is a fantastic company with a great website and a very sophisticated multi-layered approach to content , delivery and consumers engagement.
It is just that so are other companies in the same field, and yet more that have not been formed yet but will be within the next couple of years. This is why we don’t build houses on sand!

If you pop onto Google+ any day of the week you will find Google+ fans hammering Apple, Facebook and anyone who is not a Google + devotee. Many pages of postings are taken up with this emotionally charged intellectual posturing…..pop onto Facebook or an Apple platform and you will see the same thing….so this begs a serious question for the bosses at Sony, namely “Do you seriously think that you can get all these disparate groups to adopt your physical delivery platforms along with your version of content delivery when they cannot even agree how to beat up on each other via blog posts?” Surely , almost by default , they will adopt all manner of technologies even if only to demonstrate how much ‘ahead of the curve’ they are…you know the ‘early adopters’ and all that!?

This week I saw two , what I thought were worryingly delusional, announcements from Sony. They may well think I am worryingly delusional too , the difference being that my delusion does not cost very much at all! Firstly came,
yes, a big headline because after 7 years of trying to defeat Apple in Japan Sony has caved in and is allowing access but access with conditions…… hhhmmmmm,control freak personality? In denial?

Then came this, Sony buys Gaikai cloud gaming service for $380 million…not such a big headline but not such a big gamble…or is it?

Thing is here that, I think they have embarked on a ‘one stop’ strategy in the way a race car team does when deciding upon fuel intervals….. ‘one stop’ strategy says you go out there all guns blazing and you outlast the competition and you win by being at the front at the end. Problem comes along when someone is biding their time in the wings , letting the front runner take all the headwind and all the unforeseen obstacles, then blasts past in the final straight to claim victory as the leader falters with engine failure.

Sony no doubt are blessed with brains more attuned to the world market than mine and more adept at influencing opinion than mine BUT it is simple folk like me who buy stuff and use stuff….so maybe I have more of an influence than I gave myself credit for….in fact so do you!

This then begs the next question for us rather than Sony, namely ” Do we want to get all our stuff from one place and also access that stuff from the same providers physical devices?” Using history as a predictor to some extent of the future , I would say we do not…oops Sony , perhaps you might want to make some beneficial strategic alliances across the digital spectrum and then in a more refined way supplement those platforms with your products and content rather than try to muscle us out of our choices. Seems a frighteningly myopic way to put the future of a company on a collision course with the fickle finger of fate……if they succeed we will applaud their tenacity and daredevil attitude in the face of economic woes, if the fail ,as I suspect, we will nod knowingly and hark back to the halcyon days of the ‘Walkman’…days when Sony really genuinely was light years ahead of the curve.

So today we have some really inspirational innovations that are literally light-years beyond what anybody thought would be mainstream and yet here they are on the brink of mass usage…this one below is, not unsurprisingly a Sony inspired product but I venture to suggest it will fundamentally change what Sony does….we have all seen it but its worth another look….it is honestly enough to make your head hurt when you think about the possibilities!!!!!

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