5 Content Writing Marketing Tips that Boost Your Business

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“For the past year or so, content marketing has largely been viewed as optional; that “thing” you do as a business owner or marketer when you have some downtime. Right. I have to say that I have held this perspective for a while, but realized that I can no longer afford to not engage in content marketing. Yes, it’s another thing on the to-do list. But it’s necessary. One thing is for sure: in 2013 content marketing must be viewed as an integral part of reaching out, connecting with and educating your clients and prospective customers.

I recently read an article in Forbes about a company by the name of Blendtec. The founder of the organization, Tim Dickson, decided to promote the blenders manufactured by his company by filming a video where he donned a lab coat and blended everything from an iPhone to a garden rake. I have to say, I found this intriguing and was really excited to watch an iPhone being puréed (anyone who knows me will get this, as I am staunchly anti-Apple products—long story, don’t ask).

Anyway, because the video produced by Blendtec was so unique and entertaining to watch, it went viral and the company’s sales increased 700 percent overnight.” More>>>

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