5 Steps for a Better Social Media Strategy

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I was rather surprised to see something this good in an old media newspaper … maybe there is hope for print journalism. -scot

“Everyone knows the benefits of social media tools: they’re free of cost, easy to use and powerful marketing communication tools, giving us the potential to instantly reach millions of people with our marketing messages. But how do we exploit all of this power and use these tools in the most effective ways? How can we ensure that our social media marketing advances our business goals? In order to be more successful in the end, we need to take a smart approach right from the start.While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all technique to social media, there is a proven processthat can help you do your social media marketing in ways that propel you forward. The five key steps to this process are: strategy, story, strength, simplicity and speed. Using this process, you can turn any tweet or YouTube video into a valuable marketing asset that delivers results.” More>>>

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