5 Steps for Integrating SEO and Social Media Marketing Activities

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“I’ve always felt that there is a great similarity in engaging audiences through social media and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), since success in both requires you to tap into the interests of your audience through the content published and shared on your blog, social networks and email.

Yet often the people working on these marketing activities for brands and their agencies are in different teams. Particularly in large organisations, there can be silos which mean the two activities aren’t integrated.

I know from talking to marketers attending training courses that this situation is being improved as barriers between teams are broken down.

Increasingly we’re seeing combined responsibility for social media and SEO, and teams and agencies responsible for SEO, social media and PR are working more closely together.

The importance of this for success was hammered home once on an Advanced SEO course where I asked attendees to give a top tip based on their experience of SEO.

One attendee, working for a mobile network service didn’t give a specific SEO technique, but instead suggested that encouraging teams responsible for SEO, social media, PR and web teams to meet more frequently was the key to success.

So true! But difficult to make happen in practice.

One common approach that different teams involved in SEO and social media can profitably work together on, is through understanding consumer interests as shown by keywords.

SEO and social media experts tend to use different tools and have different mindsets, so working together can develop a better approach in Keyword Analysis and research for both activities.” More>>>

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