5 Things to Consider When Building your Mobile Friendly Website

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“As more and more people turn to smartphones, it is vital for any mid to large size business today to have a mobile friendly website. There is no excuse for having customers or potential customers having to squint and pinch at their screens just to find what they seek. And when you consider that in just a year or two there will be an estimated billion mobile payments worldwide, any savvy CEO or marketing executive will want to be sure their mobile friendly website is payment friendly too.

If you are seeking to build a mobile friendly website, there are some key areas to look at to ensure anyone visiting your site on their phone or tablet can get around easily and conveniently. Making people jump through hoops when they are visiting on an iPhone, Android or other mobile device can quickly create negative feelings toward your company and your brand.

Here are five key areas to look at when designing a mobile friendly website or optimizing your current site for mobile visitors.” More>>>

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