6 Tips to Ensure Your Business Blog Is Found

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Typewriter with Blog buttons, vintage“Here’s the truth, folks. Blogging is hard. It involves commitment. It also needs an off-page strategy that might require some investment, small as it may be. It has less to do with whether you think your company needs a blog than with how your company perceives the value of customers who go online. If you are practical and realize that even your technologically-deficient clients will be on the web from time to time, then you understand that this is similar to hiring a new business person or sending out a direct mail piece. You’re not going to hit the bull’s-eye with every potential lead, but if you keep at it the numbers will be in your favor.

If you’re committed to the idea that blogging will benefit your company, you’ll need to follow these steps to make sure customers actually find you, read your blog and retain the information.” More>>>

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