7 Ways To Use Online Video Presentations For Lead Nurturing

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“… the reason lead nurturing exists is that it works. Usually by the third or fourth email, a truly interested reader decides whether he or she is interested in your company, and will follow up with you. A majority of people will simply continue getting your nurturing emails until they run their course or they unsubscribe. By providing you with metrics, the emails help you determine which readers are actually interested and which were just kicking tires.

How can you spike the numbers of people who respond to lead nurturing programs?

The simplest rule of thumb is to provide great content. Better yet, rich content. Video presentations can improve clickthroughs, and also provide a different type of engaging content for people who are sick of getting sales emails all day.

Here are a few ways to use online video presentations to greatly improve the response you get from lead nurturing:” More>>>

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