8 Steps for Social Media Marketing Success

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“Do you follow, friend, like, tweet, #hashtag, circle, search, share, upload, link-in, link-to, favorite, discover, connect, bookmark, filter, share, pin, post, upload, comment and connect? You should.

For business, it’s become an imperative—for marketing, PR, personal branding, customer relations—you name it. For life outside of work, it’s a ton of fun.

When you think about, you come to realize social media kind of blurs the lines between work and play making it easier to get news, pick fights, spout off, opine, share wisdom, survey customers, track competitors, do research, make offers, make announcements, make friends, make money, make progress, make the world a better place, or make whatever you want to make. (Exhale.) Social media is what you make of it.” More>>>

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