A 4 Point Plan to Boost Your Website’s Authority

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I was once a philosophy major in college. I expected it to be … well … enlightening.  I thought the study of wisdom would help make me wiser. I was wrong. In college you don’t study philosophy as much as you study about philosophy. Names, dates, maps – topographical no less! They test you on your ability to memorize stuff. No one teaches you how to apply wisdom to your every day life; you know, the business end of philosophy.

The same is often true about Content Marketing. They all tell you what you’ve got to do … that’s easy as it can be! Any idiot can (and often does) do that. The hard part is constructing the content itself; you know, the business end of Content Marketing. And it is here where we do our clients the most good. You can’t believe the look of relief on their faces when we tell them … “Yep. We can handle that for you.”

So, while you read this article, think beyond all the good information that talks about content marketing to the nuts-and-bolts of actually doing it. If you want some advice or just need a shoulder to cry on, give us a call, we’re here for you. -scot

“Good content is the foundation of any website. Your site should contain content that users will actually want to look for and read, and that search engines can actually find. Having inviting content will keep visitors on your site and can encourage them to buy your products or services. Offering a diverse mix of content is key.” More>>>

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