About Us

We work to achieve extraordinary things for our clients by helping them engage emotionally, intellectually, and authentically with people through content. Why? Because we love telling people about cool stuff — your cool stuff.

We believe the internet is the most powerful marketing tool ever created and people are attracted to content that interests them … period. Therefore, content is the best way to attract, engage and convert prospects as well as the best way to inform, educate and keep long term customers.

3rd Planet Media produces video, audio and web content to build your brand and customer base. Please contact us. We’ll track down the creatives playing pickle ball, unwire the techs, take the pea shooters away from management and get right back to you with the best ideas for your project.

We were, are, and will continue to be on the cutting edge of digital production tools and techniques.

So drop us a line, meet the team, and we’ll have some fun.