Aggressive Social Media Marketing: Don’t Be That Party Pooper

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“Social media is supposed to be fun, right? When I think of social media, I like to think of a raging online party that doesn’t stop because of its 24/7 infotainment cycle. But, like the policing parents that show up as a buzzkill, some marketers are so aggressive in social media that sometimes, it makes me want to turn it all off.

Facebook newsfeeds filled with ads and promoted tweets at the top of my favorite hashtags are the equivalent of a pink elephant in the corner of a room. For any biz or brand on social media, your job is to market, engage and ultimately sell. But getting in your customers face is not the correct tactic. So, retract your fangs and neutralize your stance in order to avoid pushing your prospects away – it’s not always time for the attack.” More>>>

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