As Predicted. It Begins…

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About 4 months ago over on our Vidiotheque blog I took traditional broadcasting and cable to task for their brain-dead online streaming policies. I’ll go on record again saying, pay attention, you’re going to see more of this. -scot

“AMC Will Stream “Breaking Bad” Season 5 Premiere In Wake of Getting Dumped by DISH

Hey, you know what might be one of the best television shows ever? Breaking Bad. You know what DISH customers will be unable to watch this Sunday, July 15? The Breaking Bad Season 5 premiere. Chris Rick discussed the whole carriage war thing yesterday, and how that might benefit online viewing in the future. And then, almost on cue, I saw that AMC will be streaming the Breaking Bad premiere online in response to DISH dropping the channel. All DISH customers will have to do is go to the website and register to watch it, starting today. Then they can watch it when everyone else does…online.” More>>>

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