If content marketing is all about giving people the information and entertainment they want, and video is the most engaging way to do that, then audio is the unsung hero making it possible. Ever watch a movie with the sound off, or listen to a radio commercial without music or sound effects? You can do it, and it might even make some sense, but ultimately it loses that immersive experience. Audio is the backbone to any quality media project, and without the right mix of custom music, sound effects, or polish on a soundtrack your project is dead before it starts.



Tutorial: Some of our subscribers asked us how we got our video sounding so good. In Part 3 of our series about Audio for Video our Production Director, Ian, gives away a few trade secrets.

3rd Planet isn’t some online audio vending machine … we’re hands on. We think of our producers as craftsmen choosing the right materials, carefully preparing and combining them to help you achieve your vision … on time and on budget. We think it makes a difference; so do our clients:

“The post audio work done by 3rd Planet Media was excellent and contributed greatly to the success of MonsterQuest.”

– Dan Nyberg (Electric Picture Company) Senior Video Editor

MonsterQuest was an internationally distributed hit cable series for The History Channel. We were the audio post production house for all 4 seasons. The program deals with the search for various cryptozoological creatures and paranormal entities reportedly witnessed around the world.

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