• Radio & TV Spots

    Town and Country Credit Union needed audio for both radio and tv spots.

    Our client auditioned a few voices to find the talent they thought would bring the right delivery to the spots.  They also auditioned a few music options, settling on one that their client liked so well, they’ve begun using it for all their internal videos.  It took a few rounds of back-and-forth to get the reads right, but when that’s what it takes, we’re more than happy to do it.

    A wonderfully dry, tongue-in-cheek spot that has great attitude and positivity without being snarky or condescending.

  • Custom Music Production

    The client wanted custom music for their industrial video piece. They wanted something with a full sound, modern, and a little edgy.

    We started with a piece by Tanner Bergersen called “Contex” The client thought it was a great starting place. It had a full arrangement that included violin, viola, cello, contrabass, solo trumpet, horn section, trombone, tuba, piano, and a basic drum track. We then went on to add a new drum track, 3 guitars, and an electric bass; focusing on the guitars to add the edgier feel requested.

    After a couple revisions, including softening the opening of the song, we created a great custom music piece for the clients industrial video.

  • Radio Spot - Juvenile Diabetes Fundraiser

    This project was for Juvenile Diabetes No Limits. They needed a :30 radio spot to promote their bowling fundraiser. They had a script with two voices and bowling alley sound effects.

    After putting together the spot we felt the bowling sound effects just didn’t fit. After all, why would someone whine about going bowling if they were already there? We suggested a change to rockabilly-esque background music

    Juvenile Diabetes No Limits liked the new background music and was happy we made the suggestion to swap out the bowling alley sound effects.

  • Voice Over & Audio Mix for Video

    3rd Planet Media was originally hired by Zach Peterson Productions to provide a larger than life movie intro style VO for their video project. Seeing how well the video was conceived and executed we wanted to make sure the audio received the same attention as the video and asked to mix the audio for the project as well.

    We had our talent work close to the mic at the lower end of their vocal range to achieve the movie trailer like Voice Over effect. We then took the music provided to us and added a little EQ to the bottom end to make it feel bigger; all the while being careful the VO didn’t get lost in the background music.


    Ultimately…this was fairly straightforward in terms of techniques used…but took some time and work to really apply the techniques in such a way that we got the final result we wanted. Zach Peterson Productions did a great job of providing a simple, effective script and terrific video. After everything was said and done, all were proud of the results achieved.