B2B Content Strategy Should Never Be a Wallflower

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The issue I see often, is that content marketing is an add-on to everything else that marketers have on their plates. It’s viewed as a campaign, a project or a standalone initiaitve. A silo. This is in part related to the way marketers are wired. In the traditional sense, most of what marketers do has start and end dates and each effort is graded on its own merit (I’m using the word “merit” loosely).

How’s our SEO strategy doing?

How many “leads” did that last campaign produce?

Did our webinar attendees increase for this topic?

How many followers did our Twitter account attract last month?

Is our web traffic growing?

Don’t get me wrong, we need to measure and evaluate, but we need to quit using our metrics as boundaries that separate one initiative from another. To do this, we need to look at transitions and experiences across buying and the customer lifecycle.” More>>>

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