B2B Marketers Need To Get Real About Social Media and Customer Engagement

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“B2B marketers need to get more focused on how fast their prospects and customers are changing as a result of social media. It’s time to question long-held assumptions and look to social media as a means to connect with prospects and customers more effectively. 

Getting Beyond PDFs to see Prospects As People

In 2013, its clear B2B prospects are already much more selective with their time. They expect much more than just a data sheet or a series of choreographed PDFs to each of the stages of the buying process. They want to know a company is in their corner and gets their problems – not at a simple level – but at the very heart of who the company is. This is especially the case with B2B manufacturers who have deep expertise in solving complex problems.

2013 is going to be a year full of great marketing intensity. It is up to B2B marketers to choose if they want to compete at that level right now.” More>>>

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