B2B Social Media Marketing is Calling: Are You Listening?

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“To those that have never had to sell a product to another business, B2B social media marketing seems counter-intuitive, and indeed it is still an extremely un-cultivated sphere in the realm of marketing. But considering the fact that businesses don’t buy services from other companies, but from people within those organizations, you begin to see the potential for adding social media to your B2B marketing mix.

While there are many things that B2B companies can be doing with regards to social media marketing, it begins with understanding that everyone is spending more time online both looking for information as well as communicating with others. Where sales professionals used to get phone calls asking for them to bring their engineers or product professionals to ask for a demonstration or more details, they are now bypassing that entire process by simply looking for that information online. Sure, some go to search engines, but others go to social media looking for information. Is your organization looking for these business opportunities?” More>>>

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