B2B Websites: How To Generate More Leads

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web marketing“In recent years, lead generation has undergone substantial changes brought on in part by new online and social marketing techniques. Specifically, the explosion of information readily available online has led to the ascent of the “self-directed buyer.”

Instead of finding prospects through outbound, interruptive marketing techniques like advertising and cold calling, companies now must focus on getting found online and building relationships with buyers.

In the past, there was less information available for buyers researching a purchase. That information scarcity forced them to interact with the seller early on in the process. At that point, the seller could educate the buyer and influence the buyer’s research and ultimate purchase.

Now in the era of information abundance, buyers are filtering out unwanted noise they don’t want to hear, and are independently researching what they do want to know.

As a result, buyers are overwhelmingly finding their vendors instead of the other way around.” More from this article by Douglas Burdett>>>

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