Basic Advice for Choosing the Best Budget Video Camera

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“If you’re shopping for gear to make videos during the sales events this season, you’re likely going to be attracted to low cost, budget video gear. Cost is important, and I encourage everyone to make their videos in the most cost-effective way possible, but it’s important to know the limitations of the gear you buy.

Digital SLRs have the pixel count we like, but there are reasons why they’re so cheap compared to cameras designed specifically for capturing video. The infamous rolling shutter issue prevents us from rapid pans, and the fixed position monitor at the rear of the camera limits our ability to shoot from angles that are very high or very low.

Of course you can add an onboard monitor, but with an articulating arm to support it, you might be adding another $1,500 to that camera you thought would be so affordable. There is an entire industry of accessories that add functionality to DSLR, and determining what to buy can take hours of wading through websites and forums.” More>>>

What follows is advice to help you sort the issues of how to choose a camera.

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