Beware the promises of riches….

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Doesn’t it make you mad when people offer you the earth and then deliver disappointment?

Watch this video showing a lady explaining why she was unhappy with her on-line purchase…note also the way she did everything she could to forgive the poor execution…what are we like???!!!!

I would have named and shamed…wouldn’t you? That was just dismal, if we don’t let them know when it has gone wrong then we can expect plenty more of it…..the human brain….mad as a box of frogs sometimes!!

There are times when we get caught up in the excitement of the moment and we make connections in our own heads that might not be there. Sometimes we see things because we want to see them despite our reservations, we have this unique ability to rationalise ourselves out of our normal behaviour and into behaviour we do not understand….. all for the prize. This is the technique confidence tricksters use to lure good people into places they should not be and to some extent its the trick we do to ourselves when we want to make changes in our business without the know-how to execute.

One business partner of mine some years ago said this to me, ” you never need to lie , just give two pieces of information and they will knit their own scarf and get to where they want to be on their own!” Strange analogy surely but true , I saw first hand how people would take even unrelated information and develop the idea to end at a solution they wanted to see. Now , I have long since parted company with that gentleman but I am sure he is still giving out pieces of info and not trying too hard to correct any misconceptions on the part of the potential customer. That is not my style , quite the opposite really , I tend to be from the hip with a ‘truth will set you free’ approach…. I like to sleep well at night and never to dodge into doorways when I see a former victim …I mean customer!

So at least the company above got a sale , even if for a short time only but how would you feel if there were other people actively preventing you from presenting your company as you wish it to be presented?

This all reminds me of two conversations I overheard in coffee shops , one in the US and one in the UK…what was illuminating was the similarity of each conversation. To set the scene, seated at table with folders and notebook at the ready was the business owner, smartly dressed and carrying an expectant look on their face as if this was to be a pivotal moment in the growth of their company. Well , in my view it was on both occasions but not in the way the owners were thinking it would be……enter the ‘website guy’ resplendent in casual shirt , jeans and a trendy stubble adorning the strong jawline. Accompanied by a ring-bound note book and a pen…it was game on!

The business owner set out their story so far , talked about their triumphs, where they thought they were doing well and then where they wanted help to continue the good fight……so far so good.

Then the methodical dismantling of a dream and a bank account started , led by the ‘website guy’ as he slowly and somewhat contemptuously rubbished the majority of the owners requests and told them how it needed to be done…….his way. ” WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed with the silent voice in my head…..” Get rid of this fool!!!!!!” I screamed silently again. “This guy knows nothing about your business!” my silent voice was getting hoarse….
Sadly the formerly energetic business owner slumped into the chair and compromised practically all of their ideas away on the strength of the opinion of the ‘website guy’ and his ability, or lack of, to perform requested tasks for the on-line face of the businesses in question. It was all I could do not to stand up and saunter over , business card in hand, and offer to actually listen and help implement instructions and develop ideas without making the owner feel like a failure. What was so irritating was that EVERY change agreed upon ( or more accurately compromised on) was determined on how much the ‘website guy’ would charge for services and whether he had the software to do it easily or not…so in effect within 15 minutes of the meeting starting we had the reality that the business owner was being told what they would be given and how much they would be paying as well as having all their innovative thinking cast aside at the alter of the limited creative mind before them.
OK OK OK….not all ‘website guys’ are like this….but way too many are and that is a major issue. We have to not fall for the fake assurances of providers that ‘they do websites’ because they do not do websites they transfer images and text to a digital medium where people can view information ….there is a world of difference. 
Even this week I found myself talking myself into a purchase before I had all the facts in front of me…my heart rate was elevated, I was doing the mental ownership thing, thinking about what I would do with the item, calculating how much I was saving… all the usual stuff you do when you want something to be what you want it to be…….look below to see and tell me that you don’t do the same for a few seconds!

Hi All,

If you are interested in getting an iPad I know someone who can get hold
of them due to a cancelled contract. These are legit, not off the back of a truck; they
are from a cancelled hospital contract due to Government cutbacks.

The numbers are limited – he has twenty iPads going for less than half price
So it’s first come first served.

He has already sold one (pic is below so you can see what you are getting).

Get back to me as quick as you can if you want one. Full spec is below.


Next time you are promised something that seems too good to be true ask a simple question…..”What am I missing here?” It just could be your future.

Remember that a website is a tool for communication , content is communication.

see you on the long and winding road…….. Patrick

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