Blog Strategy Success: Richmond American Homes

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“Richmond American Homes has been building homes across the nation for dozens of years. The company, marketing department included, is well established and bursting with resources. 

The upside to this was that opportunities for collaboration abounded. The downside was that there were a whole lot of cooks in the do-we-build-a-blog kitchen. So, before we could even start a blog, a lot of opinions and concerns needed to be heard and then addressed.

The writers were concerned about having enough time to write and edit articles, especially during busy campaign weeks.

The legal team was concerned about language and promises. They wanted to make sure that nimble content (like blogs and social media) didn’t make any promises RAH couldn’t keep.

The management team was concerned about blog comments and social media reviews. How would they control the press? What if someone said something negative or inappropriate? In fact, with this contingent of the team, the word “blog” invoked a certain level of discomfort.” More>>>

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