Blog Success: What Few Content Marketing Advisors Will Tell You

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Blog Typwriter“For a few years now, “content marketing” – a sharp buzzword with a fuzzy definition – has enjoyed a reputation as the best thing since sliced bread. And if you take just a couple minutes to look up some content marketing strategies, you’ll quickly notice one approach that’s always at the practice’s very core: blogging.

But it ain’t easy. Sure, the “experts” will tell you this.

They’ll say that blogging is hard.

It requires commitment.

It can get discouraging.

But as a new, bright-eyed blogger, it’s natural to let their attempts at dissuasion roll right off your back. You convince yourself that you’ll be better, faster, smarter, and more committed than others.

If that sounds like you, then I admire your pluck. But I have to bring up one key factor that deserves every blogger’s consideration before making the plunge. It’s called the “content saturation index.” More from this article by Bob Hutchins>>>

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