Blog Writing is Essential in 2013

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Typewriter with Blog buttons, vintage“Business blogs have always been a part of inbound marketing. Companies understand that blog writing is a great way to communicate with their audience. Engaging individuals on a business blog can help convert new customers and strengthen the relationships of existing customers. Recent studies have shown however, that business blogging will be more important than ever this year.

Engagement marketing is a concept that explains how modern day consumers like to learn about companies. People don’t want to be talked at with traditional marketing formats such as television ads, radio ads, or magazine ads. Instead, they want to establish a line of valuable dialogue with a company. They want to understand the human side of the organization and that the company’s values mirror their own. They also want to know that companies are listening to their opinions and consider them when crafting new offerings.

People want to be heard, and if they feel they aren’t being heard by one company they will go on to the next. It is important that content strategies consider how to engage people in their market. Social media marketing is only one aspect of the engagement process. Blog posts help to take individuals further along the sales funnel and encourage people to take that next step to becoming a lifelong customer.” More>>>

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