‘Build it and they will come’…….or will they?

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Life has become a numbers game, most things we do are governed by the beautiful symmetry of numbers. Great swathes of esoteric thinking can be allied to the power of numbers. If we can just understand the numbers then the world will be ours!!!!!! (pause for maniacal laughter drifting into the mist as the hooded horseman gallops into the distance leaving us trembling , frozen to the spot)

Well maybe not , too much coffee today obviously!

There is truth in the numbers thing though it is not an absolute truth and anybody who tells you differently is telling porkies! A few weeks ago I recounted my eavesdropping exploits in a coffee shop listening to a ‘web guy’ dismantle some-body’s business by trusting his limited understanding of people less than his marginally better understanding of the software he had at his disposal.The fact was in this case and in many more is that what we do is not a science alone. Sure, it has scientific angles and can be greatly enhanced by the understanding of some scientific and mathematical principles but ultimately it is about people.

We are artists, creative types who see the big picture and owners of intense gut feelings for projects….. recognise yourself???

I remember a conference in Dublin some years ago about God and Science….. where am I going with this? Have faith or abacus whichever you prefer!

The debate was to determine whether science had all the answers of whether God did….simple enough I suppose , you either believe one way or the other. What was interesting was this , The Edge form the Irish rock band U2 was a speaker , what was even more interesting to me at the time was his answer when asked, “If science could explain God?” 

He said ” Thank God for science!” Nobody expected that but upon reflection there was practically nobody in the room who could come up with anything to detract from his comment.

In many ways the way we approach the Internet is similar , we search for inspiration , trust gut feelings and rely on the numbers we like to look at to confirm our feelings. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t… we still use that method for the next project neither undaunted by failure nor surprised by success. It is no secret that we at 3rd Planet Media are not the world’s biggest fans of SEO companies, in so far as the way they deploy their talents at this point in the cycle anyway. In our vBlog last week , Scot Combs, our CEO started to let his feelings be known about how SEO practices are doing us a disservice…..this week he will get off the fence (yeah , some fence!) and say it how it is…. he is quite vexed, watch it …always good for an authentic ‘from the heart’ view on how we as an industry do things.

Fact is, that for too long we have relied on numbers alone , erroneous facts and figures conjured up by statisticians based upon loaded questions….millions of dollars have been waged on the strength of figures rather than reality. Yes, I know that they are needed to develop a business etc , all numbers are not bad, we have to understand what they do for us BUT you cannot make a science out of an art….. SO STOP TRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are two wonderful examples of women in the news this week, one you might of heard of over the years , she has been around a long time. In fact she has not really re-invented herself ala Madonna, but rather has plodded along doing the same thing , strange thing is that a great number of people do not even know her real name!

The other is someone you almost definitely will not have heard of, has not been around for years and has no need to re-invent herself. She too has done the same thing since she started and not tried too hard to jazz it up, in her own way she has plodded along as well.
watch the video clip , then listen to the audio clip and see if you can spot who I’m talking about!


Get it?

Its about the people and the emotional connection you have with them . Have you ever seen a headstone with ‘Net Worth’ written on it? No! They always say ‘much loved……..’

It may be because you are a reigning monarch of 60 years or a nine year old girl in Scotland detailing her school dinners (http://neverseconds.blogspot.co.uk/)…it does not matter….its the content linked to the people that gets the numbers…. its how you make them feel; NOW you can look at the statistics BUT NOT BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The numbers ARE people but people are NOT numbers, the numbers just reflect how well we have connected….don’t seek numbers, seek people……..Seek , Engage, Orchestrate

see you on the long and winding road…….. Patrick

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