Coca-Cola: the ‘s’ in social media doesn’t stand for ‘sales’

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This article is perfect coming on the heels of the Technorati research finding that blogging is more of an influence on purchasing decisions than social media. The lesson is — if your budget is somewhat smaller than Coke’s you may want to consider blogging as your primary thrust for content and social media marketing. -scot

“Coca-Cola, one of the most iconic consumer brands in the world, is not surprisingly one of the most popular and active brands on social media. In fact, with more than 62m ‘likes’ on Facebook, it’s the most popular brand on the world’s largest social network.

But in looking at the online chatter that takes place on social networks, Coca-Cola has come to a startling conclusion: there’s essentially no impact on sales.

According to Eric Schmidt, Coca-Cola’s senior manager of marketing strategy and insights: “We didn’t see any statistically significant relationship between our buzz and our short-term sales.” Ouch.” More>>>

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