Consumers Expect Video Everywhere, On Any Device, Right Now

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The world is moving toward ubiquitous multiscreen connectivity, and new devices are making all content personal. Consumers are viewing professional video programs on tablets, smartphones, laptops, netbooks, and in vehicles. As mobile devices continue to improve, consumers expect high definition on everything. The pay-TV services are ramping up TV Everywhere to compete with direct-to-consumer services like Netflix. As a result, the momentum behind multiscreen content delivery platforms is accelerating and new NPD In-Stat ( research forecasts that revenues from multiscreen content platforms will top US$ 21 billion in 2015.
“Consumers now expect to have professional video available on an ever-expanding number of devices, and they want their ‘user experience’ to be under their control,” according to Gerry Kaufhold, Research Director. “It’s no longer simply a matter of delivering 1080p 3D video to their device, they want to share what they are viewing with their connected community, they want to upload their own additions to the content, and they want to be able to engage with their content on whatever device provides the best experience at any particular time.”
Additional data includes: 
  •     Asia Pacific will have the most active multiscreen households by 2015.
  •     Latin America, India, and emerging markets will primarily use mobile data services
  •     The CAGR for viewing hours is expected to be about 88% from 2010 through 2015
  •     Western Europe is expected to be a hot growth market for subscription-based multiscreen content delivery platforms.
  •     Direct-to-consumer services are the early revenue leader for multiscreen content delivery platforms, but price competition is expected in a few years from the pay-TV TV Everywhere services.
  •     273 million households will be using some kind of multiscreen service by 2015.
The research, Worldwide Multiscreen Content Delivery Platforms (#IN1104945MBI), provides an in-depth look at how many households are likely to actively use a multiscreen service, what percentage are likely to subscribe to an upsell tier, and how much value advertising will bring to multiscreen content delivery platforms. 
  •     Covers six regions, with in-depth forecasts for active TV Everywhere households and direct-to-consumer subscriptions.
  •     Categories include cable TV, IPTV, and satellite pay-TV TV Everywhere households.
  •     Provides estimates for households subscribing to direct-to-consumer multiscreen services.
  •     Includes estimates for the number of monthly viewing hours for four types of devices: connected TVs, personal computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  •     Provides a market model to estimate the value of advertising.
  •     Provides market trend lines for total annual value in six geographic regions.
  •     Companies discussed include: Adara Technologies, Alcatel-Lucent, Amazon Prime, Apple, ARM, ARRIS, BigBand Networks, BSkyB, Canal+, Cisco Systems, Comcast, Ericsson, Google, Hulu Plus, IneoQuest, Intel, Microsoft, Netflix, Ooyala, Rovi, Sencore, Synacor, thePlatform, TI, and UltraViolet.
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