Content Creation Strategy for Local Search Marketing

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Content conception textThe role of content creation as part of the overall search engine optimization strategy of local businesses cannot be denied. Local business owners just getting involved with social media will certainly run into stumbling blocks without the proper guidance. Many local businesses have been working for years to get their online campaigns off the ground to no avail. While it is true that online marketing relies on the tried and true techniques of traditional marketing, things have gone through some major changes in the digital realm.

Today, consumers and businesses exist in a hyper-connected world. Everything online seems to be intertwined one way or another. Those working with internet marketing know the importance of social media, as the major search engines give social media platforms weight when determining the relative usefulness of a site or page. That means that content today needs to be good on-site, but how it is presented and shared off-site is just as important.

The first rule of local search marketing is that content is king. The value of content has been enhanced over the years as a variety of tricks used to fool search engines into ranking a site highly do not work and can even backfire. A few years back, buying links to a site, known as backlinks, was all the rage. Google and Bing have programmed algorithms to be a bit smarter, recognize these manufactured backlinks, and even penalize sites for having them. Therefore, companies that want to get ranked highly within the search engine results need to provide something worth linking to. Helpful articles, advice on related services, even touching stories of triumph and charity can easily make the rounds and boost an organization’s credibility in the eyes of various search engines.

The content provided needs to be easy to follow and easy to share. Most firms will benefit from using a conversational tone rather than trying to drown potential customers in overly technical or academic articles and white papers. The content also needs to be interesting or unique enough for people to consider it worth sharing. Many will talk about having online content go viral. This is when something just passes like wildfire from one person to the next. While hitting those high numbers is somewhat rare, a simple picture, line, article title, or creative and unique article can have a much further reach, which is going to help build and advertise the brand.

Bringing in specialists for their field is a great way to go. Infographics, articles, eBooks, and even quality graphics should be put together by those familiar with the specific media. Having a writer in charge of images might work some of the time, but having a graphic artist can push those images over the top. Video editing should be handled by someone with skill, experience, and the proper tools rather than cobbled together by someone with great vision yet little know-how.

Of course, for smaller local companies, it can be costly to try and pin down each of these aspects. This is where a company with proven experience creating content can help achieve a larger web audience and real ROI at a surprisingly low cost.

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