Content Generation: What Makes A Piece Truly Informative?

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“In recent weeks, we’ve been surveying Content Equals Money site visitors, asking, “What’s the toughest type of content to get for your site?” The overwhelming response is truly informative pieces. Clients aren’t concerned about fresh news, product descriptions or static service pages; apparently even “engaging industry advice” isn’t as tough to come by as “truly informative pieces.”

At the time of writing, nearly every single survey respondent has agreed on the significance of valuable information. Responders in the United States have unanimously expressed their need for informative and valuable content. However, the response isn’t all that shocking. Valuable content is the bread and butter of any blog, but as the internet ages and matures, more noise and clutter begins to fill it up. Clearly, you want your blog to be all “bread and butter,” and clutter-free.

Let’s take a look at what you need to do to make sure your blog is offering valuable content that matters!” More>>>

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