Content Marketing as a Core Business Strategy

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Old metal keys on vintage book.Your company has a blog that publishes several posts a week? Excellent. You have hundreds of people signed up for RSS subscriptions and frequent comments? Superb. You’ve got this content marketing thing down? Well, not quite.

“A lot of times the blog is sort of synonymous with content marketing,” says Brendan Cournoyer, content marketing manager for Brainshark. “This rings true with companies that don’t have an understanding of it. Even the blog itself is just a tool. The concept behind content marketing is really answering questions and communicating with potential and current customers.”

What this means is that, in order to succeed, your company needs a full-blown content marketing strategy that stretches across several platforms and tools in order to interact with potential customers at every possible turn. And content marketing strategy does not equate to an advertising campaign.

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