Content marketing best practices: three quick case studies

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case study words in wood type“The end of last year saw Forbes comment that “brand marketers who develop focused content plans with clear objectives in 2013 will reap the rewards that content marketing can deliver for many years to come”.

Certainly 2013 has so far seen a variety of how-to guides explaining the key considerations for successful content marketing campaigns.

However, the reality of mounting a content marketing strategy is often different to the theory.

We’ve worked with a number of companies on their content marketing activities and can see the real value they bring to the business. Audiences have become harder to reach and less receptive to traditional advertising.

This is where content marketing plays such a pivotal role in providing benefit-driven, informative, educational or practical content to connect with consumers. Whether your content strategy includes owned or earned content, or content created by media partners, one of the golden rules is to ensure that enhanced activation tactics are used to maximise your reach and efforts. After all, great content is only valuable if people can easily access it.

So who are the content marketing winners and losers? I’ve put together a selection of some examples and my thoughts on whether they work for the respective brands involved.” More>>>

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