Content Marketing: Beyond Gutenberg

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Content conception text“The ink has dried

Gutenberg’s invention has had a fantastic run.

It changed the world more profoundly than any other invention in history (with the possible exception of penicillin and the Internet). It democratized literacy and increased by many orders of magnitude the number of people with direct access to knowledge.

His basic invention—movable type—lasted more than 550 years almost unchanged. (Can you think of any other technology you can say that about?)

Not bad for a guy who died bankrupt and unknown.

So, OK, now you know I’m a book guy. But even I have been forced to admit an inescapable fact: The writing on the wall isn’t writing, and it’s not on a wall; it’s digital type, and it’s fizzing across a touch screen.

In short: it’s time for content marketers to cut the ink-stained umbilical cord” More>>>

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