Content Marketing That Works In 2013 – It Takes A Village?

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“Key Sources Say You’ll Need to Revamp Your Organization in 2013 to Meet Content and Scial Media Marketing Demands

There is no doubt, as we sail ahead into the uncharted waters that are 2013, content marketing is one of the key marketing strategies we’ll take 
Consumers will part with their hard earned greenbacks, but these days, increasingly, they want to be part of the equation. Your key to making that happen is a solid content and social media marketing strategy. More than ever, that takes a team approach, whether that team is staffers, third parties, or both.

with us from 2012. Content marketing is one of the key inbound marketing pieces organizations are finding they can’t live without. As consumers look more to brands for information, entertainment, and clarity, effective content creation and management will become more critical than ever… and you’ll need the right people in place to ensure it comes off without a hitch.” More>>>

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