Content marketing: why brands need an editorial positioning

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“Everybody in marketing is talking about content. But few brands are making it. And when they are, even fewer are doing it well.


Probably because a lot of brands don’t know what to make content about. Or at the very least how to sustain a consistent programme of content marketing. And that’s because they have no guiding principle on which to build a content strategy – they have no editorial positioning.

Now, any brand worth its salt has a positioning, often painstakingly created after months of distilling and finessing to produce some beautiful temples, pyramids, keys, onions or essences. But these guiding documents and all of the effort and thinking they encapsulate seem to be left firmly in the bottom drawer when it comes to content planning. And that’s madness, because having a core message, value or opinion that informs all output is as important for content as it is for any other marketing activity.

That’s something recognised by the real kings of content, the content experts that brands now need to ape and compete with: media brands.” More>>>

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