Content Marketing’s Revolution: From One-Offs to Continuous Storytelling

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“Content marketing is not a new tactic. From the days of advertorials in print, to content hubs built by online publishers, to brand integration within programming on television and digital media, brands have long recognized that content can often be more powerful than advertising to deliver a story.

But content marketing is undergoing a revolution as brands move beyond “one-off” executions to full-blown continuous storytelling. When a brand is in a position to capitalize — in real-time — on the lights going out at the Super Bowl, we’ve reached a new level of marketing agility and impact. Until this moment, such 24/7, real-time content creation could only be executed by the skill sets of a media company and its newsroom. But that’s all changing now.

And as brand marketers capitalize on the opportunity to be publishers, they are quickly confronted with hard realities.” More>>>

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