Content Marketing:What’s Your Content Strategy For 2013 And Beyond?

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“We have all heard the familiar adage “content is king.” The Content Marketing Cycle: In 2013, Content Marketing Will Become the Backbone of all Effective Marketing Strategies

Well, in 2012, Google proved once and for all that this was not just some empty platitude.

In one fell swoop, Google fundamentally redefined two time-tested SEO tactics: link building and quality content creation.

Through two distinct algorithm updates—the adorably titled Panda and Penguin—Google rewrote the rules of the SEO game, making it that much harder for marketers to improve rankings.

One by one, strategies like templating item descriptions and posting in link directories were blackballed, leaving marketers wondering where to go next.

When the dust settled, marketers were left with one distinct takeaway: quality content cannot be faked.” More>>>

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