Do Your Buyer Personas Look Like They Are From 1980?

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“It is downright scary. Pressure is building to come out of the recession and light a fire under growth. Marketers and sellers are responding impulsively. How? Slipping back into a time warp of the ‘80’s. A world filled with focus on product centers, product marketing, selling features and benefits, and the buyer was a target – which bought, not engaged.

Times Have Changed

We know market dynamics, buying behavior, and technology has changed. Marketers and sellers are in the throes of a buyer revolution. It is not going to end soon. The pace of change will accelerate. It is going in one direction. The future. Not back to the ‘80’s.

I listened with rapt attention to a live stream keynote given by Don E. Schultz at Content Marketing World 2013. One of the astute marketing minds in academia. Schultz lamented how content marketing is not new per se’. And, how marketers have not changed much, except adopt technology, while the media accessed by buyers have changed drastically. The traditional TV advertising age is over and new media is solidifying. Marketers are still doing much as they have – since when? The 1980’s.” More from “Do Your Buyer Personas Look Like They Are From 1980?” by Tony Zambito>>>

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