Does YouTube really win the social marketing horse race?

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“​If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much value is in a high-quality video? Content marketers see the power of video marketing, and sites like YouTube help amplify brands’ core messages to an active user base. Brafton’s recent Social Media Horse Race infographic told the story of today’s most popular networks, and while YouTube didn’t take top prize, new data may have pushed it closer to the finish line in certain events.

The video-streaming website announced that it now serves more than 1 billion monthly active users. These consumers engage with both user-generated video content and branded media, sharing and liking content. Businesses can leverage the reach of YouTube to increase social referrals and website conversions, but many people still wonder just how popular the video-streaming site is in reality. Do people visit it as often as the hype would suggest, or does YouTube count one-off visitors as active members?” More>>>

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