Explainer Videos – A New Wrinkle in Internet Marketing

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New research from PEW Research Center, has uncovered that 50% of Internet viewers regularly watch humorous videos. Explainer videos or “explainers” are powerful marketing tools that deftly use humour to engage audiences while communicating a company’s value proposition.

The rising popularity of explainers in the world of online marketing can be attributed to one main reason – they tend to work. And not just for small businesses and startups. Top dogs like Google and Facebook use them as well.

The main benefits of explainer videos are:

1. They increase website conversions. According to Internet Retailer, visitors who view a product video are 85% more likely to make a purchase than visitors who do not.

2. Each video fulfils multiple purposes beyond the landing page. These include kicking off a VC pitch, corporate training, and viral marketing. Studies have shown that 59% of senior executives prefer to learn about services through a video.

3. They increase audience interaction. A good explainer video is equal parts informative and entertaining. An entertaining video is more likely to be shared on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. At some point the video can actually begin to market itself.

4. They create pre-launch buzz around a product. A good explainer video can incite curiousity amongst audiences about a product or service that has yet to be launched. This has been used effectively on sites like Kickstarter and LaunchRock.

5. They improve Search Engine Optimization. Sites with videos on them are 53 times more likely to receive a Google first page ranking.

A few closing thoughts. 

We’re not talking about rolling on the floor laughing kind of material here, though that would be a nice. The humor used must fit your organizations personality and not serve to cheapen or demean your product or service. It’s enough to be light and amusing … and to the point. Keep it short.

I’ll caution you to be careful of the staff person who ‘thinks’ they are funny. I once worked with a regional high end audio retailer who’s CEO thought he was the funniest man on earth. It didn’t end well.

He would come into my studio with his latest script giggling to himself. Once settled, he would have me read the script and ask how funny I thought it was. What do you say to a client whose sense of humor is the rough equivalent of water boarding? 

You tell him the truth, … “It has limited appeal.” … I’d say. 

His response was always … “You just don’t get it.” 

Yeah, well me and everybody else apparently; his chain went out of business.

It’s important to note that one video will not make or break your online marketing campaigns; but one good video can set the tone, get attention and begin the process of engagement that results in positive results for everyone involved. 

The real trick with online marketing is to develop a strategy that results in quality content day in and day out; that’s where you will its real power and reach. You will want to employ video, audio, text, graphics and pictures in a comprehensive package. Done this way, your web marketing effort will be rewarded with success. We’ve seen it over and over again with our clients and others worldwide.

If you have any thoughts or questions feel free to contact us. Just leave a comment on the blog and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

All that said, remember, talk is cheap; action is what counts. 

Now get out … and do something.  -scot
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