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And that’s all the longer this episode of, KinCommunity, YouTube’s latest original channel needs to be. The concept is simple, straightforward and the content is useful. It’s not long and it doesn’t have to be, there are no TV timing marks to hit so you just launch into the story. This way you can spend more time concocting more episodes rather than trying to fill time which is broadcast’s biggest failing. The production values are superb but YouTube (Google) has the money for it. Our experience with Martial Arts Explorer proved that great content is the real key. We couldn’t afford a broadcast quality camera during the production of MAE but it still became the most downloaded video podcast on classical martial arts in the world. Now, if you can afford network quality video AND you have great content … you’re set. If you need any help concepting your original series … give us a call, we’ve done this before. -scot

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