Digital audio is portable but it doesn’t sound real or even pleasant. Digital audio is harsh and cold. Not only is the warmth and emotional engagement gone — it’s never really been a component of digitally produced audio.A lot of work has gone into high definition audio in an attempt to capture the warmth and engagement of vinyl records and tape. The result has been larger file sizes, expensive playback equipment, and audio that is — at best — marginally improved.

FiDef is patent-pending technology that allows professionals to easily process their audio content, achieving audio quality beyond “hi-def”. When you experience FiDef, you “Hear More” – improved soundstage and dimension.  FiDef provides more ‘defined and natural audio’ quality; one that pleases the most sophisticated processor ever…the human brain.

Don’t believe it?  Hear for yourself!

Send us a current audio file:  Once received, we will FiDef the file and send it back to you. You’ll have an A/B test comparison and see what FiDef will accomplish for you.

3rd Planet Media is an authorized reseller of FiDef processing and software