Getting Your Video Viewers to Act

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Vintage movie camera. 3d“For a long time, it was totally acceptable for your online connections (clients as well as prospective clients) to get to know you and your business and for you to get to know them and their needs and wants. That was phase 1. Now, it is time to launch phase 2. In phase 2, you need to really entice your online connections and get them to stop being casual observers and spring into action. Of course, they won’t know what is expected of them if you don’t communicate what you want them to do so that is exactly what you are going to do. You are going to provide them with a call to action and you will tell them what you would like them to do to deepen the interaction between you. You can continue to share your written content with them, which contains a written call-to-action or you can go to the next level and communicate your call to action through your video blog.” More>>>

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