Good Idea, Bad Execution

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The folks at Johns Hopkins decided they should give this newfangled Podcast technology a go. It’s a very good idea but bad execution. I believe they assume most people will download the audio podcast and listen to it while they drive … or … shower … or  something. The unfortunate part is those of us who consume podcasts right there on the website are left with a low-tech feeling, bland visual experience that made me want to quit listening.

When I arrive at the page, I thought … “This looks promising.” But then I clicked the link and was transported to a grey page with a small player in the middle of it. Isn’t it funny that something as simple as a colorful webpage surrounding an audio player might nudge a person into listening longer? Here, follow this link and judge for yourself.

Here’s what you do if you intend to produce audio podcasts. Create a colorful page with graphics and pictures and a player that keeps your visitor right there and doesn’t send them off to some dark and dreary place from which their soul might never return. OK, perhaps I’m being melodramatic but you get the point; right?

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