Great Content Meets 2 Criteria: Does Yours?

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website wireframe“A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hearing Sonia Simone speak at a conference. She stood up, and with her quiet voice, she shared the secret to great content. It goes like this:

“Great content meets two criteria: It’s useful and it’s interesting.”

Simple, yet profound. Sonia also gave us a few examples to illustrate her point. Notice how each has an advantage and disadvantage for building traffic:

  • LOLcats: Good for social media; bad for SEO. Interesting, useless content might be entertaining, but it won’t build credibility. People love to share cat pictures, but kittens don’t usually rank high.
  • Wikipedia: Good for SEO; bad for social media. Useful, boring content may be informative, but it won’t keep your readers’ attention. Search engines love informative content, but when’s the last time you tweeted a Wikipedia page?

Great content both informs and entertains. It’s shareable and ranks well.” More>>>

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