Great Idea … Poor Execution. Let’s talk about it.

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 Here’s a great use for video, employee training. While the idea is good … I see a lot of room for improvement in the execution if this content were to be deployed online. 

First, they use television aspect ratio (square) while talking about movies whose aspect ratio is rectangular … I’m picking nits here but, it was a huge disconnect for me. 

The writing and direction of this video are straight out of the 1970s … it’s slow to develop and tedious to watch. For online deployment get to the point and get done quickly.

Also, this thing is as long as some movies (I hope they supply popcorn and Icee’s to the trainees) and this material would be better deployed as a series of videos covering one topic each. This gives the trainee a chance to clear their mind, stretch their legs, go to the bathroom then start the next module.

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